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Grilled Mortadella Sandwich

September 11, 2015

We have a new special sandwich! The Grilled Mortadella!


Mortadella is a large Italian sausage or cold cut (salume [saˈluːme]) made of finely hashed or ground, heat-cured pork, which incorporates at least 15% small cubes of pork fat (principally the hard fat from the neck of the pig). Mortadella is a product of Bologna, Italy. It is flavored with spices, including whole or ground black pepper, myrtle berries, and pistachios.

We take a 5 oz. slab of Mortadella, grill it with roasted reds and onions Then we top it with 2 slices of provolone and plate with chips and pickle.


Grilled Mortadella Sandwhich


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