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Pizza Plant Invents Pod Infused Beer

April 1, 2017

We’ve done it. We’ve finally done it! After years of research we have finally captured the essence of the Pod! Using a proprietary process we’ve invented called Podstraction.


Pizza Plant Italian Pub Pod Craft Beer Pizza Infused April Fool's Day

Our top scientist hard at work.

This process is very convoluted and hard to explain. We are able to, using radiation, get the Pod to the required state between space and time, thus turning it into a non-Newtonian fluid! Using the noble nature of Argon gas we then broke down the individual flavor elements of the Pod. They were separated, boiled, and infused with dark matter. This way we can assure that the regular, useless, light matter won’t hold back the essence. From there we accelerated it at the near speed of light through smaller and smaller tubes so that it combines and reforms into a liquid!

There’s a problem though. It is highly unstable as the flavors do their best to get out but we have found that there is only one way to contain them. Put them in beer! And what a delicious beer it makes! We can use any type of Pod and put it in any type of beer! Want a Chicken Pesto IPA? Sure! How about a Cajun Pod Stout? We can do that! Wingy Dingy Gose? Okay…

We’ve got the process down and the we’ve crossed all the t’s in the science. So look for more details in the coming days about this being available at your local Pizza Plant Italian Pub!

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