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The Loca-Pod

May 11, 2017

Loca-Pod Pizza Plant Italian Pub Flat 12 Mushrooms Reverie Creamery Dispenzas Meat Market Canalside Buffalo New York Local Farm 2 Pint Expo

This excellent Pod will be featured starting today! It will run through Farm 2 Pint Week which is the 13th – 20th. Or until we sell out. Made with Dispenza’s Meat Market farm 2 table sausage, a four cheese blend from Reverie Creamery , roasted red peppers, and spinach. All topped with a gravy made with savory oyster mushrooms from Flat #12 Mushrooms ! This Pod is delicious and it’s a perfect blend of local flavors! Stop by either Pizza Plant location and get your before it’s gone!

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