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New Sunday Specials

October 8, 2017

Oh man do we have something awesome to tell you about. We have reworked our Sunday specials to make your Sundays much more fun! Starting now, October 8th, you can get any Specialty Pod and any 1x beer for $11.99. That’s right any Specialty Pod and any 1x beer, for $11.99. What a deal! Not only that, if you see some beer you like and wanna take it with you, it’s $5 off every growler fill! No matter the beer, $5 off! So start making your Sunday a more funday!

Pizza Plant Italian Pub Williamsville Canalside Pod and Beer Special $11.99 Growler Sunday Funday EatPods

Chicken Sausage Pod on Spinach Dough


This is on Sundays only. For any questions please ask your server.

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