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Fab Five Series with Upstate Brewing Company

The next installment in our Fab Five series, in which we feature five awesome beers from a single brewery, is with Upstate Brewing Company! C’mon down to our Canalside location and check out these awesome beers and meet the owner!


Fab Five Series Upsate Brewing Company Pizza Plant Italian Pub Canalside Buffalo New York Friday April 21 4 pm

Sour Power 2017

It’s that time of year again for our Sour Power tasting! Come try the most lip puckering and delicious beers that we can get! This is happening at the Williamsville Pizza Plant on April 23rd and starts at 5 pm!


Sour Power 2017 April 23rd 5 pm Transit Road Pizza Plant Italian Pub Williamsville New York Craft Beer Tasting

April Happy Hour Specials

Hello all! It’s April already and that means we have 3 awesome new coctkails on our list! Not only that, these awesome alcoholic beverages will be available for $5 during our awesome happy hour for all of April!

April Happy Hour Cocktail Specials Pizza Plant Italian Pub Canalside Williamsville Buffalo New York EatPods

From left to right we have…

  • April Showers – Some tequila and a nice amount of citrus to start the month off right.
  • Salty Dog – Did I mention citrus? Orange and grapefruit highlight this one!
  • Easter Bunny – Bound into spring with this delicious combination with creme de cacao, vodka, and cherry juice!

And of course we will be carrying over our beer and wine happy hour specials every month.

$4.60 draft beers! Most beers on draft are $4.60! Out of 30 or so taps that we have at each location, only a select few will not count for happy hour. Please ask your server or bartender for more details.

And $5 glasses of wine and $15 bottles of wine! The following wines are included in the deal!

  • Mirassou Merlot
  • Mirassou Pinot Noir
  • Mirassou Moscato
  • 14 Hands Cabernet
  • Capasaldo Pinot Grigio
  • Niagara Landing Rosebud Red
  • Niagara Landing Rosebud Gold
  • 716 Cellars Shiraz/Cabernet Blend
  • 716 Cellars Pinot Grigio
  • CK Mondavi White Zin
  • William Hill Chardonnay

Pizza Plant Invents Pod Infused Beer

We’ve done it. We’ve finally done it! After years of research we have finally captured the essence of the Pod! Using a proprietary process we’ve invented called Podstraction.


Pizza Plant Italian Pub Pod Craft Beer Pizza Infused April Fool's Day

Our top scientist hard at work.

This process is very convoluted and hard to explain. We are able to, using radiation, get the Pod to the required state between space and time, thus turning it into a non-Newtonian fluid! Using the noble nature of Argon gas we then broke down the individual flavor elements of the Pod. They were separated, boiled, and infused with dark matter. This way we can assure that the regular, useless, light matter won’t hold back the essence. From there we accelerated it at the near speed of light through smaller and smaller tubes so that it combines and reforms into a liquid!

There’s a problem though. It is highly unstable as the flavors do their best to get out but we have found that there is only one way to contain them. Put them in beer! And what a delicious beer it makes! We can use any type of Pod and put it in any type of beer! Want a Chicken Pesto IPA? Sure! How about a Cajun Pod Stout? We can do that! Wingy Dingy Gose? Okay…

We’ve got the process down and the we’ve crossed all the t’s in the science. So look for more details in the coming days about this being available at your local Pizza Plant Italian Pub!

Fish Taco

The Pizza Plant has decided to go on a little food adventure! Fish Tacos! Beer battered baked cod with chili lime slaw nestled in a fresh flour tortilla. Served with a dollop of sour cream, guacamole,  jack and cheddar cheese, along with our house made Sofrito. Stop in and try it out!

Pizza Plant Italian Pub Fish Taco Canalside Buffalo Williamsville Transit Road Main Street New York

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