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  • carrot = 100% MEAT FREE
  • devil = HOT


Nachossouthwest nachos

With out fantastic homemade salsa. Sour cream by request.

TOP NACHOS  Crisp tortillas covered with jack & cheddar cheese, spicy ground beef, jalapenos, black olives & a side of our super picante — 8.99

SOUTHWEST NACHOS  Tender chicken breast,  jack & cheddar, fresh peppers & tomato – all seasoned Tex-Mex style — 9.39

With vegi chicken – add 1.00

carrotBASIC NACHOS  A pile of crisp tortillas covered with jack & cheddar – with our super salsa — 7.49

carrotCURRIED GARDEN NACHOS  A blend of tomatoes, broccoli, spinach, onions,  jack & cheddar, curry spices, & toasted sesame seeds, over chips — 8.89

LOBSTER NACHOS    Crunchy corn chips with Lobster, jack & cheddar, fresh tomatoes, black olives. All baked and seasoned just right — 9.99

GUACAMOLE  On the side — 2.99

carrotVEGI CHILI  Extra tasty and healthy with seasoned soy, tortillas & melted jack and cheddar — Cup 4.29, Bowl 6.99

white bean CHICKEN CHILI  Tender chicken, white beans, sauteed peppers and onions, with spices & jalapenos for kick, fantastic… — Cup 4.39, Bowl 6.99

carrotCHILI BREAD BOWL  Our great VEGI CHILI smokin’ on a bed of basmati rice, with melted cheddar, jack & tortillas all in a breadbowl — 9.49

carrotGAZPACHO  Our refreshing chilled soup of fresh tomatoes & veggies (April-Sept.) — Cup 3.99, Bowl 5.69

Chicken Apps

Served with celery, carrots, and bleu cheese. Choice of Mild, Medium, Hot, or Bar-B-Que.

CHICKEN FINGER BASKET  NOT FRIED! Big juicy oven-baked breaded chicken breast — 9.69

baked CHICKEN WINGS  10 plump real wings, finished just right in the oven — 10.89

Leo Style – With a special garlic and curry hot sauce – Add 1.00

Parma Style – With our original parmesan coating – Add 1.00

carrotVEGI-WHINGS  These wings have never been on a bird! A drumette-shaped spicy combo of vegi & grain — 8.99

carrotSPINACHOKE DIP  Our fantastic blend of fresh spinach, artichokes, and Italian cheese served with Italian bread — 8.79

carrotTUSCAN GARLIC BREAD  Crushed garlic topping, baked with Italian cheeses, sundried tomato, roasted red peppers, lite onion & spices — 8.59

carrotSPINACH BREAD  Fresh spinach, Italian cheeses & garlic turn good into amazing. Served w/ sauce — 7.49

big evil mozzarella garlic breadcarrotMOZZARELLA GARLIC BREAD  Pure garlic topping & 100% mozzarella baked on our hearty Italian bread. Served with sauce — 6.49
BIG EVIL STYLE  Plus chopped hot peppers & crushed garlic — 7.49

carrotVEGI-BREADBOWL STEW  A unique mix of hearty winter veggies, potatoes & seasoned soy (Oct.-Feb.) — 7.39

FRENCH ONION SOUP  A from-scratch broth of simmered onions, croutons & melted provolone — 5.49

BAKED FRIES  No hot oil bath on these ‘tators — 2.49, double 3.59

SOUPS  Check for today’s choice — cup 3.29, bowl 4.29


The Bread Bowl Saladtex mex salad


1. A concave vessel formed of bread

2. Notably made by the Pizza Plant

3. Trademarked by the Pizza Plant in 1986

4. Many futile attempts made at copies

carrotvegi ANTIPASTO  Our super blend of lettuce, Italian cheeses, artichoke hearts, chic peas, black olives, roasted red peppers, & tomatoes — 9.49

meat ANTIPASTO  Like above plus turkey breast and pepperoni — add .99

CHICKEN CAESAR  Juicy sliced grilled chicken breast, tomato, red onion & parmasean, over crisp romaine, with croutons and our caesar dressing — 9.89

With vegi chicken – add 1.00

TEX-MEX  Southwest style chicken breast atop fresh greens, nacho cheese, fresh peppers, hot jalepenos, cool cucumbers, juicy tomatoes & our creamy garlic red dressing — 9.89

With vegi chicken – add 1.00

carrotGREEK  Tomato, red onion, pepperoncini, Greek & black olives, feta cheese and our wonderful Greek dressing — 8.99

MEXICAN  Crisp greens with nacho cheese, seasoned ground beef, juicy tomatoes, potent jalapenos, cool cuckes, green peppers tortillas & creamy garlic red dressing — 9.49

THE GROW YOUR OWN SALAD  This remarkable salad offers you 4 toppings of your choice (see extras) placed in artistic abundance on a mixture of fresh salad greens — small 5.99, large 7.99

basic saladcarrotBASIC salad  Crisp salad greens garnished with chic peas, carrots & tomatoes — 3.49, 5.49

BASIC Caesar  Crisp romaine, shredded parmesan, red onion, croutons & our caesar dressing — 3.69, 5.69

carrotFRESH mozzarella SALAD  Mescaline greens & fresh basil, with tomatoes, carrots, garlic & extra virgin olive oil, with garlic toast and fresh mozzarella — 7.49


  • Creamy garlic
  • Creamy garlic red
  • Creamy garlic balsamic
  • Greek
  • Ranch
  • French
  • Bleu cheese
  • Italian
  • Light olive oil vinegarette
  • Caesar
  • Fat-free raspberry vinegarette

Salad Extras (small/large)

  • Extras from list — .69/.89
  • Chicken breast — 3.89
  • Crumbly bleu — .99
  • Croutons — .69/.89
  • Fresh mozzarella — 1.89/2.89
  • All romaine .69/.89
  • Add a Bread Bowl — .99/1.69


Create a custom pod by selecting size, dough, and extras (mozzarella and pizza sauce included) OR choose a specialty pod.

Major 10″ — 6.49, extras .89
Mega 16″ — 11.49, extras 1.89

DOUGH: Standard – White. Extra – Wheat, Sesame, Spinach, Garlic

EXTRAS: Choose a specialty pod OR choose your own extras

Specialty Podsspecialty pod

Major size with a side of sauce

CAJUN POD  Southwest chicken breast on a bed of fresh spinach, with jack & cheddar, peppers, tomato & spices — 9.89

CAJUN SHRIMP POD  Like above but with sweet shrimp in place of chicken — add 1.00

CAJUN VEGI CHICKEN    Like above, but with vegi chicken. No shrimp — add 1.00

PANCHO POD  With seasoned ground beef, nacho cheese, black olives, red onion and homemade salsa — 9.89

COOKS CREATIONS  A rotating selection of pods from the minds of our creative culinary cooking crew… Check boards for current surprise… — market price

CHICKEN PESTO POD  Marinated chicken, house-made pesto, fresh spinach, montery and jack cheese, & crushed garlic & olive oil – superb — 9.89

With vegi chicken – add 1.00

carrotAMY POD  Our good customer’s favorite of artichoke hearts, fresh spinach, ricotta, mozzarella, & our great sauce 9.89

carrotPLATO POD  Creamy ricotta and feta cheese with spinach, black olives & red onion in our greek marinade — 9.49

SICILIAN STEAK POD  An excellent combo of tender sirloin sauteed with sweet peppers, white onion, provolone cheese & hot sauce — 10.49

CHICKEN SAUSAGE POD  Our fantastic grilled Italian chicken sausage, with fresh peppers, sweet onion, provolone & sauce on a parmesan baked crust — 9.89

carrotVEGI-TRY POD  Big cuts of broccoli, with sundried tomato, roasted red peppers & fresh mushrooms – baked with 100% mozzarella & alfredo — 9.89

carrotWHITE POD  Italian cheeses, fresh spinach, tomato, & touch of onion – made tasty with garlic & olive oil — 8.89

TUBULAR CHICKEN POD  Chicken breast, spicy nacho cheese & our superb hot sauce – plus celery, carrot sticks, & bleu cheese — 9.89

With vegi chicken – add 1.00

CHICKEN SOUVLAKI POD  Our marinated chicken breast, diced tomato, feta, greek spices & onion – with a salad of feta tomato, greek olives & pepperoncini — 11.39

With vegi chicken – add 1.00

‘RONI POD  Hand cut chunks of premium margarita pepperoni, with a blend of jack & cheddar cheese, plus hot sauce — 8.89

carrotPOPEYE POD  A mighty combo of fresh spinach, mozzarella, tomato, black olives, parmesan & a little “olive oyl” on spinach dough of course — 9.29

WINGY DINGY POD  An awarded combo of breaded chicken breast, ricotta, mozzarella, in a creamy marinara wing sauce with cayenne & bleu cheese — 9.79

FAJITA POD  Sizzling with tender chicken breast, fresh sweet peppers & onion, plus nacho cheese, and southern spices & salsa — 9.89

With vegi chicken – add 1.00

MEATBALL POD  Nothing like a pod with lottza meatballs, mozzarella, ricotta & sauce — 9.39

devilTEXAS TORCH POD  Spicy sausage with sauce, cheddar & jack, & a blend of spices, hot peppers & jalapenos — 9.79

devilcarrotTOFU TORCH POD  Like above but with tofu (no sausage) — 8.49

carrotROMAN TOMATO POD  An old country tradition of ripe tomato provolone & romano cheese, green olives, fresh basil & oregano on a parmesan baked crust — 8.99

STINGER POD A magnificent pod of tender steak with green peppers and onions. Chicken fingers, provolone, wing sauce and bleu cheese — 11.89

WITH ANY SPECIALTY POD  Basic salad, basic caesar, or cup of soup — 2.49

Stuffed Pizza

The first and best in Buffalo. Create a custom stuffed pizza by selecting size, dough, and extras (mozzarella and pizza sauce included) OR choose a specialty stuffed.

Baby 6″ — 6.49, extras .1.19
Medium 10″ — 15.99, extras 1.79
Large 14″ — 19.99, extras 2.29 (Large specialty Stuffed Pizzas are no longer available)

DOUGH: Standard – White. Extra – Wheat, Sesame, Spinach, Garlic

EXTRAS: Choose a specialty stuffed OR choose your own extras

Specialty Stuffed Pizzasgarden stuffed

CHICKEN SOUVLAKI STUFFED  An incredible pie stuffed with chicken breast, provolone spinach & tomato, plus kalamati olives & red onion… then topped with chopped romaine, black olives, green peppers, pepperoncini & Greek dressing — baby 11.29 med 21.89

With vegi chicken – Add 1.00/2.00

carrotGARDEN STUFFED  Built on a blend of mozzarella, pesto & marinara, this vegi feast gets topped with jack & cheddar cheese, sundried tomatoes, broccoli, mushrooms, black olives, with olive oil & garlic — baby 9.99 med 20.49

devilMAD MEX  This hothead favorite gives you a choice of beef or chicken layered with mozzarella, black olives, our super salsa, & red onion… then topped with jalapenos & cheddar cheese (choose chicken or beef) — baby 10.49 med 21.49

With vegi chicken – Add 1.00/2.00

SYRACUSE SPECTACULAR  The classic – loaded with Italian sausage, sweet onions, fresh mushrooms & choice of sweet or hot peppers — baby 10.99 med 20.99

carrotSPINACH STUFFED  Fresh seasoned spinach blended with Italian cheeses and garlic, topped off with marinara & a hint of nutmeg — baby 9.49 med 20.29

CHICKEN PARM STUFFED  Breaded chicken breast, layered with 100% Sorrento mozzarella, and our superb sauce, then topped with pure provolone & choice of 2 extras — baby 10.99 med 20.99

carrotEGGPLANT PARM  Just like above, but with tender breaded eggplant — baby 10.99 med 20.99

Flat Pizza

…but not too flat. Create a custom flat pizza by selecting size, dough, and extras (mozzarella and pizza sauce included) OR choose a specialty pie.

Small 9″ — 5.99, extras .99
Medium 13″ — 11.99, extras 1.49
Large 17″ — 15.99, extras 1.99

DOUGH: Standard – White. Extra – Wheat, Sesame, Spinach, Garlic

EXTRAS: Choose a specialty pie OR choose your own extras

Specialty Flat Pizzasflat pizza

carrotBASIL PIAZZA  On a pesto – olive oil brushed crust, we add a blend of garlic, broccoli, mushrooms, zucchini, tomato, onion – with provolone & romano — small 9.79 med 15.69 large 21.89

CIRCULAR CHICKEN  A pizza for chicken wing lovers, breaded chicken breast, cheddar & jack, pizza & wing sauce, plus choice of 2 extras — small 10.29 med 16.69 large 23.59

With vegi chicken – Add 1.00/2.00/3.00

carrotCIRCULAR EGGPLANT  The above with breaded eggplant

HAWAIIAN PIE  A tropic blend of juicy pineapple, tender ham, mozzarella & sauce — small 8.99 med 15.29 large 20.49

carrotTHE GREEN GREEK  An olympic array of fresh spinach, feta, ricotta & black olives, spiced with Greek dressing and light red onion — small 9.39 med 15.29 large 20.49

ANIMAL HOUSE 5  A meaty sequel starring our spicy sausage, margherita pepperoni, tender ham, Italian meatballs & lean ground beef — small 10.49 med 17.29 large 23.89

carrotSAMMY’S SPECIAL  Zucchini, sliced tomato, & marinated artichokes, topped with grated parmasean cheese, spices & mozzarella — small 9.89 med 15.99 large 21.89

STEAK N’ BACON  A flavorful blend of sirloin steak with crispy bacon, sweet peppers, onion, mozzarella, cheddar & jack cheese, plus diced hot peppers! — small 10.29 med 16.99 large 23.69

carrotFRESH MOZZADORO  A thin crust pie with fresh mozzarella, fresh tomato, fresh basil, mozzarella, and touch of feta & garlic… so fresh! — med. only 14.99

CHICKEN IN THE GRASS  Tender chicken breast nestled in a mix of spinach, chopped garlic, provolone & light onion — small 9.89 med 16.29

With vegi chicken – Add 1.00/2,00

THE BUFFALO PAN  A hearty deep dish pie made in a pan with lots of cheese, sauce & choice of 2 extras from list — medium only 14.59

CHICKEN BARBIE  Tender chicken tossed with spicy bar-b-que sauce, a handful of cheddar and jack, plus light onion — small 9.79 med 16.29 large 21.89

carrotWHITE PIZZA  We make this classic italian favorite even better by adding fresh spinach & tomato to a blend of cheeses, garlic, olive oil, & onion — small 8.99 med 14.39 large 19.39


For pods, pizzas, salads, sandwiches, pastas…
two fingers = Premium extras (charged as 2 extras)

The World’s Best Homemade Doughs

WHITE  Tender spring flour


WHOLE WHEAT  Stone ground wheat

SPINACH  Fresh spinach

SESAME  Toasted sesame seeds

GARLIC  Crushed garlic

Sauce Options


MARINARA  For a fuller tomato taste


  • Fresh mushrooms
  • Fresh green peppers
  • Black olives
  • Green olives
  • White onion
  • Fresh tomato
  • Banana peppers
  • Fresh zucchini
  • Cucumber
  • two fingersKalamati olives
  • two fingersArtichoke hearts
  • Broccoli
  • Crushed garlic
  • Jalapenos
  • Spinach
  • two fingersSundried tomato
  • two fingersEggplant
  • two fingersRoasted red peppers
  • two fingersGuacamole
  • Sunflower seeds
  • Raisins
  • two fingersWalnuts
  • Carrots
  • Red onion
  • Chic peas
  • Sprouts
  • Tofu
  • Pesto
  • Pineapple


  • Mozzarella
  • Provolone
  • Ricotta
  • two fingersFeta
  • two fingersNacho
  • two fingersSoy (no cholesterol)
  • two fingersCrumbly bleu
  • two fingersFresh mozzarella


  • two fingersSoy sausage


  • Pepperoni
  • two fingersHandcut pepperoni
  • two fingersChicken sausage
  • two fingersSausage
  • two fingersMeatballs
  • Bacon
  • two fingersGround beef
  • two fingersTurkey
  • two fingersShrimp
  • two fingersChicken breast
  • Anchovies
  • two fingersHam


Served with a basic salad & Italian roll. Whole wheat penne available.

House Specialtiespasta

PASTA CHICCOLI  Broccoli florets and chicken breast sauteed in crushed garlic, olive oil, light diced onion — 13.99

Wtih vegi chicken – Add 1.00

PASTA LOUISIANA  A spicy cajun pasta with with grilled chicken breast, sweet peppers, tomato & onion — with shrimp 15.69, with chicken 14.69

With vegi chicken – Add 1.00

CHICKEN PESTO ALFREDO  A rich & creamy pesto alfredo with roasted red peppers, sundried tomatoes & sliced chicken breast over penne — 15.69

carrotBAKED SPAGHETTI JIMBRONE  Al dente spaghetti with ricotta cheese & marinara, topped with provolone, and baked till it’s hot enough for Jimbrone! — 12.99

carrotPASTA FLORENTINE  Fresh spinach and mushrooms sauteed with alfredo sauce and a splash of white wine, served over penne — 13.69, with shrimp 16.49, with chicken 15.69

devilPASTA DIABLO  Tender chicken sausage sauteed in our spicy red pepper marinara, with fresh peppers, onion & provolone – over penne — 15.69

devilSPICY CHICKEN PENNE  Grilled chicken breast, sauteed with fresh green peppers, & onion in Frank’s Hot-infused alfredo sauce — 14.69

CHICKEN PARMAGIANA  Tender marinated chicken breast with marinara, italian cheeses, and parmesean. with side of pasta — 15.99

carrotFETTUCCINE ALFREDO  A classic dish of al dente fettuccine with our rich alfredo sauce — 12.99

carrotPASTA BROCCOLI  Sauteed broccoli florets with olive oil, garlic, light onion, green olives & parm — 11.99

carrotBAKED EGGPLANT ROLLETTES  Tender breaded eggplant rolled with ricotta and with zesty marinara & mozzarella– with side of pasta — 13.89

carrotPASTA MARINARA  Our homemade marinara sauce with choice of penne or spaghetti (excellent with meatballs or sauteed mushrooms) — 9.99

Pasta Extras

  • Chicken breast — 3.89
  • Sweet pepper & onion — 2.39
  • Meatballs (2) — 2.59
  • Sauteed broccoli — 2.39
  • Sauteed shrimp — 4.29
  • Sauteed mushrooms — 2.39
  • Chicken sausage — (1) 2.69, (2) 4.99

BEER BATTERED BAKED HADDOCK  A generous haddock filet baked golden & crispy – served with baked fries and homemade cole slaw (Wed. & Fri.) — 11.99


With a bag of chips & a pickle. Choose roll, add the meat/cheese, select two (2) veggies, and add the dressing OR do a specialty.

12″ Italian — 8.99
Wrap — 8.59
Round Deli — 6.99
Round Twist — 6.99

MEAT: Turkey, ham, meatball, carrothummus, albacore tuna (additional items 1.79)

CHEESE: Mozzarella, provolone, cheddar, feta (additional items 1.00)

VEGGIES (2): Lettuce, tomato, hot peppers, two fingersartichokes, fresh peppers, sprouts, onion (additional items .69)

DRESSINGS: Oil & spice, mayo, creamy garlic, hot sauce, mustard (additional items for the asking)

Speciality Sandwichessandwich

carrotGREEK EGGPLANT DELI  Tender baked and breaded eggplant with sliced tomato, feta, Greek mayo & spices on a round deli — 8.89

GRILLED CHICKEN BREAST  A big succulent chicken breast grilled with lettuce & tomato. Great with our spicy bar-b-que sauce & cheese! (just ask) — 9.69

CHICKEN SAUSAGE BOMBARO  Take two excellent chicken sausages, put ‘em in a big roll, add seasoned sweet peppers, onion, and provolone… then bake it — 9.89

MEATBALL BOMBER  Our big Italian roll lined up with beefy meatballs smothered with mozzarella and marinara sauce — 9.89

WHITE TURKEY  Sahlen’s turkey breast, marinated artichoke hearts, mozzarella, sprouts, with oil & spice dressing – superb! — 9.89

BILL’S EXCELLENT CHICKEN FINGER BOMBER  Chicken fingers, lettuce, bleu cheese, & Franks Hot, topped with Italian provolone, and baked — 9.89

carrotHUMMUS WRAP  Spicy hummus with sprouts, tomato, black olives, mozzarella, & red onion — 8.69

Burritos & Wrapsburrito

GARONCHILADA  A big tortilla packed with seasoned chicken breast, sweet peppers, spinach, & onion… then baked & topped with our chicken chili, refried beans, & banana peppers with chips… incredible — 11.69

carrotVEGI BURRITO  Our tender flatbread filled with our chili, nacho cheese, refried beans, black olives, salsa, & a little onion, with a mini basic salad, corn chips, and salsa — 8.89

TEX MEX WRAP  Pan seared spiced chicken breast, jack & cheddar, spinach, guacamole, & lt. red onion — 8.89

With vegi chicken – Add 1.00

SICILIAN STEAK WRAP  Tender sirloin grilled with sweet peppers, onions, & provolone, & a shot of hot sauce – all rolled up in our tender flatbread — 8.89

TURKEY SPINACH WRAP  Turkey breast sauteed with fresh spinach, onions, and provolone in olive oil & garlic… stuffed into our flatbread — 8.89

CHICKEN BURRITO  With spiced chicken breast, nacho cheese, tomato, peppers, & lettuce. Served with salsa, chips, & a mini salad (beef available) — 9.89

With vegi chicken – Add 1.00

CHICKEN PESTO WRAP  Sliced chicken, nacho cheese, roasted reds, lettuce, pesto aioli — 8.89

GUACAMOLE  Great for burritos — 2.49


BLACK ANGUS BURGER  Half pound of juicy black angus beef grilled medium, on a soft bun w/ lettuce, tomato, plus fries & a pickle — 8.99

TURKEY BURGER  Our house-made 100% lean turkey grilled with all sides like above — 8.99

carrotVEGI-BURGER  Our amazing house made vegi-burger, with fresh cut veggies, soybeans & spices, with lettuce, tomato, plus fries & a pickle — 8.99


CROSSROADS STYLE  With sauteed mushrooms & cheddar cheese

BOB STYLE  Sauteed mushrooms, spinach, diced banana peppers, & cheddar

SPINAPENO STYLE  With sauteed spinach, jalapenos, & mozzarella


Provolone, mozzarella, cheddar, crumbly bleu, bacon — .99

Bar-b-q sauce, hot sauce — free

Kids’ Menu

All items are $4.99 and come with chips and carrots.

Mini-Pod A mini sized Pod for the mini sized ones. Comes with cheese and sauce and a choice of two extras.

Teeny Tiny Pizza Made for a kids’ appetite. Comes with cheese and sauce as well as two extras.

Mac n’ Cheese Little pasta elbows in a creamy cheese sauce. And by request! Have a face made out of veggies!

Basghetti A nice sized portion of spaghetti with a choice of sauces. Butter and garlic, sauce, oil, or nothing at all!

Hot Dog A doggy baked inside a roll of our homemade dough.

Pieces O’ Fingers Plump baked chicken fingers. Cut into bite sized pieces with carrot sticks and bleu cheese.


ICESCREEMER  The sweet tooth satisfier. 2 of our big cookies warmed up, with ice cream, hot fudge, & whipped cream… the best! — 6.49

MEGACHIPPER  Our super cookie stuffed with lots of chocolate chips — 1.69

HOT FUDGE SUNDAE  With whipped cream & cherry — 4.39

BREAD PUDDING  Our homemade pub-style bread pudding topped with a rich whiskey sauce… yumm — 5.39

Butterwood Pies & Cakes

CARAMEL APPLE PIE  With juicy apple & gooey caramel — 4.99

OTHER SPECIAL CAKES (Check for Availability)

Ohlson’s bakery

CARROT CAKE  Moist and delicious — 4.99

A LA MODE ICE CREAM  For any of our desserts — 1.49

Drinks (All Johnnie Ryan)

Cola, Diet Cola, Lemon Up, Loganberry, Pepper, Lemonade, Lemon Iced Tea — 2.39

MILK SHAKES  Like mom made. Vanilla, chocolate, strawberry — 3.99

JOHNNIE RYANS BOTTLES  Sweetened with cane sugar. Cherry, root beer, ginger ale, orange — 2.39

SPARKLING H20  — 2.29

BOTTLED H20  — 1.99

FRUIT JUICE  Grape, apple — 2.39


Snapple raspberry iced tea — 2.39

House brewed tea — 2.39

Tea & herbal tea — 1.99

Coffee & decaf — 1.89
Hot chocolate & chocolate milk — 1.89


Lunch Specials

Monday – Friday, 11AM – 3PM

POD SPECIAL  You get mozzarella, sauce and 2 extras + a basic salad or cup of soup — 6.99

SALAD N’ SOUP  A crisp small basic salad + bowl of hot soup — 5.99

DELI SPECIAL  Turkey or ham on round roll + soup or salad — 6.99

PASTA MARINARA & SALAD  A lunch size marinara & basic salad — 6.99

PASTA BROCCOLI & SALAD  A lunch size pasta broccoli & lunch salad — 6.99

BABY STUFFED PIZZA  With two extras of choice — 6.49

QUICKIES  While supplies last…

BIG SLICE & A DRINK  Selection from display case, lunch salad, & a fountain drink of choice — 5.99

JUST A SLICE  From display case — 2.69


Week Day Specials

TUESDAY  Large Flat w/ 1 extra — $5 off

WEDNESDAY  Medium Stuffed w/ 4 extras — $5 off

THURSDAY  Major Pod w/ 3 extras — $6.99

SUNDAY  Pasta Marinara & salad plus… — FREE MEATBALLS – $8.99

After 9 Specials

9PM – closing, dine in only

SMALL FLAT with 2 EXTRAS  — 5.99



GARLIC BREAD w/ cheese  — 4.29

Undefined Specials

5 — 9PM Tuesday — Thursday
Start with our basic salad, then move on to a major pod with three (3) extras, and top it off with a cookie!

© Pizza Plant. Prices subject to change.